The Zen masters often had short stories to teach their students. These stories would sometimes be simple and even abstract but if you were able to assimilate from within it was enough  to bring about the big shift within you. Many years back  I had created a short series of about 7 of these stories which I adapted to the comic form. Initially it was meant to be a longer series but then because of time constraint and other commitments I discontinued it . I  think I may have even deleted it of the internet. But I think the internet doesn’t allow things to die or disappear. I am not sure how good a thing that is , but in this case it just might be a good thing because it allows me to share it with you. Anyway I don’t know why but I remembered it existed and I tried to post the stories here but the format wouldn’t allow for it to load here. So I just thought I would search and see if it still existed and voila! it does.

So here is the link

I hope you enjoy reading it.

And maybe it can bring about the shift all Zen masters talk about. :)))





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