Hello everyone! I know I have been away for a long time. You all might not remember who I was. I am a Spinal Cord Injury Survivor currently recovering from this injury.

It’s a long journey, so staying focused and having hope is hard. I have also faced many difficulties during this time. I’ll fill you in on my ups and down in the next articles. As I am here for good now and want you all to support me in this journey cause it’s a tough one and I need strength. I have been feeling low lately. It’s like I am tired of it and showing everyone that yes I am a strong one but in reality, I am losing my strength. Nowadays, I feel like I am getting mentally weak because of this I can’t find the strength to walk without a stick. It’s just my fear that is holding me back. I want to regain that strength so I can complete this journey and be independent again. I started getting panic attacks a few months back but recently I told my brother about it and he told me how to deal with it and now I am feeling better these days. 

Recovering from a Spinal Injury is a tough battle. And those who have gone through it can only understand. People keep always saying you just need to do exercises and all for your recovery so keep doing that. But it also messes up your mental health. If you are mentally strong you can achieve anything. So I am focusing on my mental health now. There were also some good things that happened in these few months I’ll update you with them in the next articles. 

I am open to any suggestions from you all that will help me with it.  

Jai Shree Hari🙏

Jai Shree Shyam🙏