There Is No Reason To Love. Love Is Ever Without Reason. 

We love so many things and so many people. And usually there are reasons to that. We have associated love with all kinds of things. Pleasure, comfort, security, power—these are all attributes of love. We have made it like this. No? Where there are no such attributes, is there love? Do we love something that doesn’t give us comfort or pleasure? Do we love someone who doesn’t make us feel secure or powerful? You know the answer. All these corrupt the pure feeling of love. 

Love doesn’t require any attribute. Love is a spontaneous feeling. But, our hearts are clogged up with the matters of the world. So, our love is heavily diluted. And not only love, every pure feeling of the human heart has been diluted with our desires, needs and wants. This crisis of the human heart is the sole reason for human injustices. Why are our hearts so shallow and narrow? The intellect has overshadowed the heart. Which should not be. Only when the heart and the intellect complement each other and work in perfect harmony, does the human being blossom. 

We do not love anyone whole-heartedly. Do we? There are always some invisible barriers. Be it our parents, children or spouse. Our love for God is the most superficial thing in the world. We say one thing, we swear by the name of God, but do the complete opposite. So, I’ll not talk about that. Even our love for people is only according to our convenience. As long as it serves our needs. Our whole mindset has put on the hat of a trader. We trade everything! Even the most sacred thing—God! We have lost the capacity to love, to feel, to care with absolute involvement. Because we always think about gains. What’s in it for me‽ We haven’t spared anything from our greed. 

That’s why our lives are so shallow and meaningless. Because we’ve destroyed the purity of our hearts. For what? For selfish desires and greeds‽ A good trader is one who knows where his gains are. We think we are ‘good traders’, because we’re getting so much. But, fools we are! We’re not seeing how much we’re losing actually. We’re losing the very essence of living. Is that a ‘good trade’ according to you? You must be a moron to think like that. God saves you! 

What do you love the most? Or, if it’s a person, how much do you think you love that person? If your love is quantifiable, sorry to disappoint you, that’s not love. Love cannot be quantified. What can be measured, can also be compared to something else. But love has no comparison. If there is a comparison, that’s not love. Love cannot be much or less. These are all calculations of the thinking mind, the selfish mind. Only if love is free from all calculations and comparisons, is it love. Otherwise, it’s not. And that is true love. It’s beyond every form of duality. Duality brings all the mischief. Love transcends duality. The only question is, can you love like that? Do you have the heart? 

Love has no reason to it. No reason can lead you to love. All reason is a conditioned response. But, love, by its very nature, demands spontaneity. If you become a spontaneous expression to everything and everyone, only then can you love. Only then can you feel divinity. 

My wishes to you. May you know how it feels to be in true love. 💕

And a happy upcoming new year to all of you. 🥳

Thank you.
Image Credit: Unsplash. 

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