There’s a fire of love for the divine burning within each one of us. This fire has the power to melt our ego and render coolness (sheetalta) to us. And we all are on a journey of discovering that fire within us.

There’s a fire burning
inside me
whose flames refuse
to diffuse themselves
in darkness
Day or night, dawn
or twilight
this fire keeps burning
Sometimes the flames
slow down due to
worldly affairs
almost seem to blow
out in despair
but something in it
makes sure that
it keeps burning
The heat from the
flames keep me
mindful and aware,
kind and fair
On some nights, when
my heart shivers and
my bones feel chilly,
the flames grow higher
My sufferings seem to
make it even more
conscious and intensify
its desire to burn in prayer
This fire is a gift from my
God- a subtle flame of
love that makes me bow
in prayer


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