It is said that (wo)man is happiest when he/she is closest to nature. That’s the reason why when we stay in large apartments in concrete jungle, we need to adorn ourselves with loads of tech gadgetry, lights, arts, music, etc. to make ourselves happy. However, the moment we drive even into the country side, not necessarily go all the way to the mountains or the beach, we feel happy just by ‘being’ there.

In this very demanding world, where we fill our calendars with infinite inconsequential activities, many of which, we would have a tough time justifying as to why they are there in there in the first place, we can try and look for beauty in the nature right around us. Of course, its easier in a tier 2 city than any of the metros, but honestly, one has to keep one’s eyes open and ‘observe’, one can find beauty anywhere.

Slightly before the lockdown last year, I developed a liking for taking pics with my mobile phone camera. Having had a Nikon DSLR for more than 10 years now, I have really not done justice to the price I paid for it. But with my mobile phone (especially once you get a phone with camera of the type that I have in my One Plus 7), photography has become¬† ‘bacchon ka kheyl’. No really, I mean it.

The kind of sophistication that is involved in processing of images INSIDE the phone, one really does not have to be an ace photographer to be able to take some really breathtaking shots. 

I am a big fan of sun rises and sun sets.And being a early riser, there is no better start to the day, than to capture the beauty of the morning sky, especially if has rained the previous night, with that chill in the air, the white clouds sprinkled over the horizon and the first ray of light of the day creating magic in the sky.

The collage of pics here what you see is what I clicked on three different days. The third one, is what I clicked this morning. It was just amazing morning today. What I described above is what I saw. Some more pics to get you a ‘feel’ of the morning.

Then the other day, we were out for a drive. There was something about the setting sun, I had a feeling that the sun set is going to create magic in the air, and Magic it did create. Am fortunate that we have a lake on the outskirts of Coimbatore, that I could get these gorgeous shots:

When God is not creating marvel in the sky, one can look down and notice the beauty in flowers.This is collage of pics that I clicked of flowers in our apartment garden walking area. The beauty of the early morning dew drops on the flowers, has to be seen to be believed. Till you get time to see it in real, see it in the pics!!.

Unlike the reading and running that I do, taking these pics and then sharing it with friends and families, gives me immense joy. I feel sad when people say they are not able to take out time to enjoy nature, when there is so little effort needed for the same.

Once you take the pic, try and see if you can get a better view from another angle. Once you have clicked, crop the unnecessary part out, do a bit of editing, use the ‘Highlight’ and ‘saturation’ features well, adjust the light and colour. These minor tweaks can make a big difference to the way the final pic will look.

So don’t miss the marvel all around you.. Go ahead and shoot some nice pics and spread the happiness.!!