On days when
I am too tired of
things that have
gripped me for a
long time
I look up to You

On days when I
fall short of breaths
and seek peace in
tender arms
I look up to You

On such days Hope
so much resembles You
I keep taking your naam
to mellow my hurt and
turn it into soft balls
of cotton

till I feel alive once again;
sometimes I fail to feel
good even after fifteen
trials and ceaseless cries,
but my tongue never ceases
to call out Your name

Little do I realise how
much You are in me
else why You are the
one whom my heart
cries out in times
of immense suffering

Dear dear Maa, I keep
subliming into You each
time I get punctured by
the fabrics of my

There will be days
when I will fail,
there will be nights
when I will be frail
and there will also
be times when my
victory will prevail

But there won’t be a day
when my heart will
cease to call ‘Maa’-
Maa, You are and will
be above all
Truly, there’s no one
like YOU

– Dedicated to Shree Shree Maa Anandamayee


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