Hush!! That was not to be told out. It was a secret. How many of us haven’t been shushed by our elders-scolded/reprimanded for things we openly discussed out/blurted out in a frenzy only to learn it was a secret! Well, I have -Been there done that!! Sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly.
Well going by that analogy I am sharing three of my secrets which my family also doesn’t know. So here we go.

Number-1 I love drinking various chais/Teas.
Yes-I love making and drinking various types of chais. Some with milk, Some without milk, Some sugar -free some with sugar.Sometimes I just pick up a few herbs and leaves and flowers blooming right outside my window and infuse them in boiling water and just sip them. Ahhhh the feeling -first the throat is warm -then the body is abuzz with warmth and then the entire brain goes Aaaaahhhhhh….I think sometimes I must be born with tea around me, not amniotic fluid(the fluid around the baby when it is in its mom’s womb) So who wants a chai pe charcha with me?

My Number 2 Secret is I multitask.The way some people open a dozen-odd window screens on their system and keep working-the similar way I can cook, talk to mom, sing, do my pooja, work on my screen, and much more. Call it a disease of an overactive brain or getting bored with monotasking I just cannot stop doing many things at a time. Well if you guys need someone who can finish a dozen tasks faster-contact me Asap!

My number 3 secret-I love the rains. Yes the rains It makes me happy to see water splashing everywhere, people running to escape, children jumping around, trees dancing and prancing in total abandon, Birds getting chirpier-All of these make me happy. And the most important on-having a hot cup of chai with freshly fried pakoras-aah the joys of having them and being able to have them is a blessing -Chalo Chalo come over to have some yum pakora & chai as its raining here!!