Short video.

2. Full video

Here is the link of video of  a child who is out of school.

He starts earning,.in the age of learning.

World day against child labour.

Jitendra has a dream to become a police officer.

His family is unaware about the right of their child of education.

As we know we celebrate world day against child labour on 12th of june worldwide. Because of holidays on Saturday and Sunday

We celebrate this day on 10th of june by performing skit , declamation activities and many more….I become aware about the reality of our society about these practices.

On the way from college to my home,I saw a child behind the cart of Pani puri and asked my self 💯 time to go to him or to go to that child beacuse this was an incident of bus stop ,there are number of people around me.At last beacuse of inspiration got from those skits speeches of trainee teachers, professors and worthy principal,i go to that child and talk to him…

I asked him number of questions.

He answered all the questions with a big smile.

He said he wants to go to school but because of his family unawareness he ….