When the writing challenge was announced, I thought this could be something that I could potentially win. People post an average of one article per week, this might change to one a day, and I was planning to write around 20 articles, which I thought could be the winning count. Boy, was I wrong, and how. 

I had a lot of ideas for articles, but I never got to completing them because I didn’t feel they were perfect enough; there were missing something – a tweak in writing, different usage of language, something or the other. The challenge would give me the motivation to work on them and get them done. I allowed myself a little leeway – I wouldn’t be able to proofread it several times as I usually do, and I would live with that.

I set myself some ground rules. First, I would submit only those articles that I would submit to os.me without the challenge, in terms of quality. Any time I submit an article on this platform, people invest their most precious resource – their time – and I must respect that – challenge or not. Second, I would not game the system for the sake of increasing article count. I.e. I would not break an article into three, for example, just so that my count increases. 

On the first two days, I had a slow start, submitting 2 articles on the first day and three on the second. I was being my perfectionist self, not being satisfied with what I wrote. On the third day, I picked up pace and wrote more articles, ending the day on 9. By the end of the fourth day, I had a total of 17. Today, I was scheduled to have a busy day working together with a colleague. Serendipitously, she told me that she had other priorities, and just like that I had another day to stay alive in the competition! My final count is 38. Not the highest number of articles by a participant, but a number that I am happy with. 

This contest posed a major challenge – to crank up high quality material in a timely manner. And to judge whether the article is high quality or not is not an easy proposition when you are immersed into writing one article after another. On the final day, my brains were fried for the large part. I had to take breaks, go for short walks, and then come back and continue writing articles. 

In my opinion, everyone who posted articles with the hashtag #TheWriteChoice is a hero whose article could potentially inspire someone to greatness, everyone who read articles and gave their feedback and encouragement performed massive RAKs, and thanks to Medha Shri for electrifying the energy at os.me for the past five days. Participating in this contest has been a true privilege and an experience to cherish. And thanks to Swamiji for opening up this platform for everyone to write.

If anyone who read any of my articles had any feedback to help the quality/style of the writing, please do let me know, I will be grateful to you. 

Image Credit: Lisa from Pexels