They are already killed by me…you fight…
  Idea is- be as an instrument…

द्रोणं च भीष्मं च जयद्रथं च
कर्णं तथाऽन्यानपि योधवीरान्।
मया हतांस्त्वं जहि मा व्यथिष्ठा
युध्यस्व जेतासि रणे सपत्नान्।।11.34।।
Dronacharya and  Bheeshm and Jayadratha and Karna  and other brave warriors have already been killed by me. Therefore, slay them without being disturbed. Just fight and you will be victorious over enemies in battle.

I remember one incidence from my school age. During lunch hours, one naughty student who was a prankmaker,  punctured the tyre of a two wheeler in our school premises.
After half an hour, we were sitting in the class waiting for the teacher. Suddenly one student from another class who was the friend of that naughty boy, came and told that,  the punctured vehicle belongs to the most rude teacher of our school. And he also added that the peon has seen the student who punctured the tyre. And that boy ran away.
The moment we heard this news, we understood the gravity of the situation and allmost all of us spontaneously spoke out- “Ab to ye( that naughty boy) gaya… Now he is gone…”

Wife asked her husband to pay attention to the cooker and switch it off after 3 whistles, and she went to buy the vegetables. Their son was doing his school homework. The husband switched on his mobile assuming that the cooker will take time to whistle. He was so lost in the mobile that he couldn’t listen the whistles. When strong burnt smell from the cooker entered in his nose, he startled and saw his naughty son smiling at him saying; ” Papa, Ab to aap gaye….( now you are gone.)”

Do you got the real meaning of this phrase? ( now, you are gone/ Ab to tum gaye?)

The person to whom it has been addressed is present ( at that particular moment), still he/she is declared as gone.

The meaning of this phrase is – ” It is damn sure that there is no escape for one from the consequences of one’s action/ karma.”

The student has done the bad action of puncturing the tyre of the two wheeler. Untill his actiones were not known to the authority, he was fearless. But the moment the authority came to know the culprit, Everyone were damn sure of the harsh punishment that boy would get. So even before the happening of the very event of punishment, everyone declared that he is gone now….

The son was also knowing that his father couldn’t escape from the scolding by his mother as a consequence of his action( not doing his duty). In his eyes, he has already seen his father’s fate…that’s why he said; ” Papa, Ab to aap gaye.”

Most of the times, we all anticipate the consequences of visible bad/ evil actions happening around us.
Many such evil actions go unnoticed. Few people assume that their actions will not be exposed and hence they will escape from any punishment. We have been observing many such evil actions being hided in a smarter way. So many people escaping from the punishment by using the power of their position and money. Even if stood in the court in the accused box, they are skipped from punishment by manipulating the witnesses.
Such manipulations can happen in the human court but never in the Lords court. Nothing remains hidden in His court.  CCTV cameras of the human world have limitations. Either they may not be in sufficient number or they may not function at the 11th hour to capture the activities of the people. Lord’s camera is infinite. The entire causal world /the maya is His camera where each and every action; may it be physical, mental or verbal get captured along with the motive behind it. Nothing goes unnoticed.

I have read somewhere that the deity Chitragupt is related with this concept of maintaining the karmic account in  subtle way. Every action/karma with it’s intension gets recorded and saved in the causal world subtly. ( It is as if the picture/ chitra getting saved in secret way subtly/ gupt). He is said to be the deity who keeps the record of our every action. (The result of action with good motive is merit and the result of action with bad motive is demerit. Thus result is decided at the very happening of the actions).

Arjuna was reluctant to fight a war with his respected family members, teachers and friends. He was thinking that if they would be killed by him in the war, it would incure a sin.  He was so attached with them that he couldn’t think to go against them and kill. That’s why he was ready to drop the weapons out of love and compassion for them.

Lord krishna says to him – “Your respected elders like  Drona, Bhisma, Karna, etc., are already killed by me, so fight without fear.”
The meaning of ” they are already killed by me is – ‘ They are already chosen by me for destruction.”
( Just like that naughty boy was chosen for punishment.)

Why did the Lord already choose them for destruction?

Because  they have chosen unrighteous/ adharmic actions. Those persons were guilty of adharma/ unrighteousness by standing with the evil-minded Duryodhana.
Their destruction is the consequense of their own adharmik actions. Lord has chosen them for destruction by analysing their karmic account.

Lord Krishna also assures Arjuna that by killing his enemies, he will not get incured with traces of any sin.

There are two ways for choosing any action or karma.
# Choosing actions based on one’s own  likes and dislikes/ raag and dvesha; not aligned with the scriptures;  is adharma.
(Ravana has chosen the adharmik way. Even if he knew that his very action of abducting Sita is not as per the scriptures/ dharma, he did it. He has chosen the way he liked and not the way which is aligned with the scriptures/Gods wish.)
Any action aligned with the scriptural codes and conducts is said to be Gods wish / dharmik action. Because the source of the scripture is the Impersonal God/ Brahman.  Any actions against the scriptural advice and  based on only one’s own likes and dislikes are adharmik actions.

Choosing actions based on dharma, may it be painfull and unpleasant  will not incure the sin. Arjuna was the kshtriya. The very duty of kshatriya is to protect the society from adharma. So killing them who are engaged in adharmik actions was his duty. Thus his action of  very killing of enemies would be dharmik as it is aligned with the Gods wish. So it would not incure the sin.

Lord is never partial. Everybody is dear to Him. He loved Arjuna and the Kauravas as well. But as He is the Lord / Dharma himself, He has chosen kauravas for destruction to protect the dharma.
Lord also explaines to Arjuna that he will win not because he is powerfull but because he is beside the dharma/ Gods wish. So fight not out of a sense of enmity or superiority, but out of a sense of performing his duty.

A writer gives a beautiful story with many characters to the director. The director selects many actors to make this story happen. The writter has written a very thrilling climax scene in which the villain gets killed by the hero. The director directs the hero  how to kill the villain in that particulatpr scene at the climax. Hero denies.
Director asks him to do as directed because the killing of the villain in that partucular style is already determined. And he has to only do the action, otherwise he would be fired and another actor will be selected.

In Lords play, the actor will have to act as per his script. Even if he denies, nature will arrange everything to get it done any how. No one gets replaced for the action and its results, one is destined to.

We have done and have been doing ‘n’ number of actions with different motives. We will never get escaped from their consequenses- good or bad. 
If we try to act as per dharma ( scriptural teaching/ God wish), we are sure to conquer the enemies ( external as well as internal shadripus) who are tempting us towards adharma. 
And if we engage in the actions only as per our likes and dislikes, Ham to gaye……!

Hari Om!