Radha, the significant part of Krishna..
Whether they were eternal lovers or the devotee and the supreme… Either way they were inseparable…

Do you think Radhakrishna’s journey together was all rosy.. No, it wasnt… But they stuck to each other through any storm… Krishna though was in human form knew his divinity.. While on the other hand, Radha was very much a human, unaware of her divinity..

Radha definitely may have had her differences with Krishna for whatever reason, not because she couldn’t understand him.. but because she loved him so much that she craved his presence every moment..

Krishna too although played all leelas with Radha, finding a way to make her jealous, annoy her.. Not because he liked doing it but because he knew Radha although feels for all these and yet she loved him immensely..

Krishna too craved to spend every time with her. He rather found ways and excuses to be with her.. His love and care for her remained unwavering although Radha exhibited all the humanly qualities…

Krishna had his leelas played for Radha to help her realise her divinity.. But for Radha it made no difference if she was a divine or human, because her love for Krishna was beyond her own self…

Radha did encounter many situations similar to like we humans and hurt Krishna with her actions/words.. But Krishna knew the real her and he stood by her with his love to help her deal with such emotions and helped her realise that he loved her no matter what and that he knew that Radha too loved him equally…

Here, Radha and Krishna were connected deeply with other each, the love and wanting for each other was mutual.. Unlike these days where only one struggles to keep the relationship together and the other remains a passive member… This phenomena is sure to fail..

Both together should reflect each other like a mirror… There could be hundred reasons to bring them down and separate them, like few who tried separating Radha Krishna.. Yet their bond came out to be even stronger each time… This is how the oneness with each other builds..

Did they live on this planet forever?? No.. they didnt.. They too had to leave when their time here was over…. Similarly we too have to leave someday.. and we never know when that someday would come at the most unexpected time… Because that someday could be anyday or anytime.. It might be just round the corner, we never know…. But what did they leave behind?? That perfect example of love,that tenacity.

Radha and Krishna together were embodiment of love.. They both together put their heart and soul in flowering their relationship and it emerged as one of beautiful love story till the date.. They are alive together even now if only we could feel…

Krishna I Love you❤❤❤❤❤❤

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