Hello people😊

Hope you guys are doing great.

So according to my opinion and my observation this generation is the most confused generation. Our emotions are confusing, our questions, beliefs, our behaviour everything. Like I would die for my siblings but I won’t let them my charger. 

We are strongest and in a seconds we are scared of small things. Sometimes we will go through the hardest face of life like nothing happened and sometime we will overthink about stupid thing which are not even IMPORTANT. 

We will be the most dumbest people you will ever meet and with time you will see the most understanding person in us. We would question God existence and during tough time we are the most spiritual person.

We are honest but we are liars too. We are the most idiotic and than we are intelligent too. We are easy going and than annoying too. We are boring but exciting too. We are weak but strong too. We are scared and than the most courageous person too. We will fit in society and then we won’t. We are lost but at the same time found too. We are kindest but most evil too. 

You will have the most blastic party with us then the next moment we are the most boring person ever. We will talk too much and then we are the quitest. 

We are moody people’s who are discovering themselves.We ourselves don’t know what we exactly are. We will be confused and will pretend like we are all sorted.

Oky Listen about my 3 friends who are doing L.L.B

1st one is studying law because he watched shows and read novels about cool lawyers. And now he wants to be the one. 

2nd one is doing law coz someone from her family challenged her that she can’t do it. 

3rd one is doing law coz she thinks there is alot of money in this field. 

These people choose this field without even thinking but but but

The 1st person is gamer and will think 1000 times while playing game and choosing GAMES AND ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS. 

2nd person is so obsessed with her fashion sense. AND WOULD CHANGE HER OUTFITS 100 TIMES BEFORE GOING OUT. 

3rd one left U.P.S.C COACHING for this. 

and then there is mee I have chosen this course because I don’t know what I want to do. 

I mean, please look at usss.. 


But that doesn’t mean everyone of us is same. There are these other friends who are serious about their career but confused about other small things.they will overthink about other stuffs. We are lost and we kind of know that and we just want someone to guide us, bear with us, be there for us. 

We are so many things and we are still figuring out stuff. We are understanding so many things and then not getting anything. We are just confused and we need people to understand us, listen to us. We will achieve the best but we need that listener, that supporter, that guide with us.


This moody behaviour is the new normal now. We will shine bright and will guide our junior generation to the same path. We will be just like our parents/guide but better version. And for that we need to sort out ourselves. 


That was All for now. Will catch you soon with other observations

Till then 

Bye bye. Take care. 

(ps: please ignore grammatic errors) 

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