In the modern era, “drugs, alcohol and smoking” are one of the most trending topics. According to our youth, if a person doesn’t drink or smoke, then that person doesn’t have “swag” (style). To such people, I want to say that such a lifestyle is neither “swag” nor “style” at all. Such unhealthy habits can actually take your life. Honestly speaking, I have many stories to share about how drugs have spoiled lives; some of the lives of even my close ones have been spoiled too. But we all know those stories and see such stories around us. The problem is that we hardly stop anyone.

To be honest, when I started going to college or out of my house, I saw my friends drinking and smoking but I never stopped them from doing that. Although that seemed exciting to me as well, I always gave an excuse and escaped from falling into that trap. I always watched that the girls or boys who drink and smoke in movies look good and it became a fantasy world for me. Even I took a sip of alcohol once but I knew it was injurious to my health. Most importantly, I thank God for sending a life guide in my life and I don’t hide anything from her. So I told her what I did for the first time. She said nothing but made me understand the consequences. But after a year, I tried again and that time she got angry and her anger was valid. Because of her unconditional love and care, I never tried alcohol again. I did not even touch it. I don’t say that the desire is completely gone now but I know the consequences. The love and respect for my life guide always stop me from cultivating any bad habit.

The reason why I shared this story is very simple. Once my best friend said, “You know Riya; we always tend to do the things more which our parents stop us from doing.” That is so true. We can see this happen in our daily lives as we do those things more which our teachers or loved ones or society stop us from doing. So if anybody tells us that they tried alcohol or cigarettes for the first time, we shouldn’t scold them or make them feel as if they have committed a crime. Instead, we must empathise with them. Having said that, make sure that you tell them the consequences of cultivating bad habit(s). This will ensure that the person, who tells you, will trust you and think before indulging in a certain habit. By doing so, you will also understand them and you can guide them properly too.

If my life guide wouldn’t have guided me in beautiful ways, I could not have written on this topic today. So just make sure to help anyone in the best possible way (in your capacity) whenever you see them indulging in drugs or other harmful habits.

By helping, we can save the life of a child, parents and many more people. Trust me on this because I have seen people losing their families just because of drugs, alcohol and so on.

My dear friends please remember that drugs don’t make us more “cool”. We are not only spoiling our beautiful lives but we end up spoiling other lives too.

Keep Smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om

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