I jumped in joy
As I set out to search for you.

When you found me,
Little did I know that your love would annihilate me.

Silence was hollow before
But now it is in silence that my heart erupts and my eyes stream.

Why didn’t you tell me that those tears would neither be of joy nor of sadness?
That those tears flow in your love,
That they satiate this parched soul?

Now, soaked in your love, I seek to listen to the sound of your voice in the silence.
It’s loud.

Softly, you whisper into my ears:
“My absence and my presence are one.”

Tears dance in your presence
Overjoyed in your love
Yet, they refuse to dry in your absence

We are bound together.
I cannot see you,
But You, you witness it all.
How unfair is this love?

A Poem penned down from inspiration by Rumi and Divine Love.

Photo credits: Shutterstock

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