The ideas like ‘Truth’, ‘God’, life or death appear a bit philosophically loud and mouth filling to the most of the people. Either these are placed under the carpet coz of their being an ambiguous metaphysicality or be a part of one’s imagination with no experience at it’s base. But sometimes even a simple thought or just an ordinary idea (shot at the right time) wields the power to bring about not just a revelation but a revolution within oneself. It goes deep down into one’s core and satisfies something that has been boiling for ages. 

One of simplest things one can do is to make a sincere effort to be in the present. For us everything is happening either in the past or in the future but we miss out the present. No need to go about a big business. Just look at the present moment. Everything is here. Everything means the whole existence; the being is happening right here. You see the opposites taking place at the same time. Life and death happening together. The present moment is the is the ancient God…it is the love and goodness. It is the magic potion. It is why ‘J. Krishnamurthy’ says one can achieve liberation instantly. It is the most beautiful and for good. You don’t have to go anywhere the God is always with you. Enjoy the enormity of this moment and see yourself getting drunk into the ocean of immortality and immensity. Be in this moment…yes this moment.