Accept both compliments and criticism. It takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow. Unknown


Life is a continuous journey which needs to be taken as it comes as if we get too serious of the situation what we are going to get is tremendous pressure. It has been preached and taught in a lot of literature that we need to mindful and at peace with the situations which are prevailing in or life and always, we are provided with the example of Lord Shiva, who is always portrayed as the person who is at peace with which ever situation, he is in. he neither reacts to any given situation how good or bad it may be.

Though it is tough to follow still there is a story which has been narrated by a lot of people around the world and a lot of examples have been quoted for the same.

Once king Akbar was having a great time in his court and all the people were enjoying the musical show. To which King Akbar asked Birbal,

Tell us a line which is most suited to this situation and can give grief to a happy person and strength to a crying person. To which Birbal just took a piece of paper and wrote something on it and handed it over to Akbar, to which he was assumed, and he said Birbal you are a true genius, on being asked by the court’s men Akbar announced the following,



So, the four-letter sentence came be used at every given situation of an individual and it will be true and appropriate when pondered on.

When a person who is having a gala time of his life will read it will get a realization that nothing is permanent and what is permanent is faith and vision of our true self. And if a crying person sees it, he will have faith for the same as tough times can be there, but they won’t be there forever.

So, we need to be mindful when we are facing tough times and be humble when we are at Zenith of life as THIS SHALL TOO PASS.