Have you ever woken up and just felt like not doing anything? Do you ever sit at home or school and just wish that the day would get over? Do you ever wish that you could be as motivated or disciplined as all of these other people you see, that always seem to be accomplishing their goals? Well, there is a very simple trick, that can keep you motivated every single day. 

Now, for me to explain this trick, let me first tell you a story. So there’s a kid named Mike. His mom passed away at a young age, however, he still had his father who was a very busy man and worked a lot, since he had to provide for both him and his little sister. One day, Mike was coming back from home, until he heard police sirens. He went into his house, and the police told him to sit and take a deep breath. Then, Mike asked the police officer what happened.

He replied, “Two burglars came into the house and tried to steal all the stuff, but when your dad tried to defend himself, he was brutally murdered. Mike was speechless. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Now, he knew there were only two choices. Either he got a job, working hard and providing for him and his sister, but not being able to attend high school, or he would be homeless and would not be able to provide for his sister. 

He then decided to drop out and picked a job at one of the best restaurants in his town. He applied as a janitor, who would clean everything and pick up the plates. However, he still needed more money, so that he could provide his sister with education, and so that he could feed everyone. Thus, he asked his boss, “Is there any way that I can make more money?” The boss replied, “I can not pay you anymore for your current job, but one of our chefs did just quit? So if you have some experience, you can try for that job, where you would be competing with 3 other top chefs.” Mike said, “Yes, I do have some experience, and I would love to apply for the job.”

His boss then gave him a book that would help him brush up his memory. He then said, “There will be a competition, held in exactly 2 weeks from now, where you will have to cook a certain recipe that I will give you, within 10 minutes, and whoever is the best, will get the job. However, you will have to memorize the recipes and come, as being quick is very important, and you will not have time to go over the recipe book during the completion nor the real job.” 

He went back home and thought to himself, these 2 weeks mean the most to me. These are going to change my life. Every single day, he would stay up late, just glued to the book, memorizing each recipe, and cooking to the best of his abilities, improving and becoming faster every day. Time was going by to fast. After two weeks of pure hard work, the day had come, the day that would perhaps change his life. He knew he was competing with some really good chefs, so he had to give his absolute best. His boss then came over and explained the rules once again, where you will have 10 minutes to make this dish I will tell you about. The one that is made the fastest and best will win. Good luck. He then gave them the dish that they would make. He instantly remembered the night he stayed up studying and practicing this certain dish. He instantly got to work. 

Before he knew it, 9 minutes were up, and he just had a bit more left. He looked around and saw that everyone else was pretty much done. He rushed and made his dish as good and fast as possible, quickly took it out of the pan, and the bell rung. He was just in time. The boss then tasted each dish. It was time. Mikes’ heart was beating faster than ever. He knew that he desperately needed this job, or else he would not be able to provide for his sister. The boss then said, “Everyone made a fabulous dish, however, the best dish was made by David, and in the least time, so Congratulations!”

Mike’s heart stopped for a second. He then took a moment to realize what had just happened. He had lost. He didn’t know what he would do, because no one would want to take a high school dropout with no experience in anything. Then, his boss called him. Mike went to his boss’s office. The boss then told Mike that he heard what had happened to his family and was really sorry.

He then asked Mike, “Did you really have any experience in cooking, or did you just lie to me because you really needed the job”. Mike said, “Yes, I lied.” The boss replied, “I could see the amount of effort it would have taken to compete with some of the top class chefs with no experience, and actually come close. While cooking, I could really see the hard work and effort you were putting in.” Mike replied, “Thanks, but it’s of no use because I lost”. The boss said, “No, I am looking for a person who is very hardworking and give his everything in his job. Come here every day as the junior chef from tomorrow to work with David, but before that, promise me that you will never lie to me again.” Mike promised this to his boss. 

Eventually, Mike became really good at cooking and became known as one of the best chefs in the country. 

I always like to look at it like this. Our mind has this steering wheel, that is mainly used by this person who makes good decisions and guides us in the right direction. However, there is always a monkey that comes in and scares the person to go away, and instead, he makes the decisions for us, that aren’t necessarily the best. However, whenever we are nearing a deadline, the only person that the monkey is scared of, the panic monster comes in, scares the monkey away, thus letting us do our work and making good decisions with the normal person driving the wheel. 

However, with something like starting your diet or business, there is no deadline, so the panic monster never comes in. However, think about it like this. If I don’t get started on my business by this week, and at least finish this much, I will quit my job, or hand someone $10,000. When you say this to your mind, and convince yourself, the panic monster will come in at some point, so you will actually get your work done. I use this method all the time, and it works really well. 

Thanks for reading the article, and I hope you learned something. Have a great day!

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