☀This World Is Amusing☀

I have found that this world is like a garden.
Here one can find amusing, beautiful things of every kind.

In this world, people are crafty. They interconnect, but only for their petty, selfish gains.

A person’s value is measured only by his net worth, his power and position in the society.

In this world, no lasting and true relations exist.
Relations change with needs.

To substantiate this, I have penned the following poem :

This world is a garden where you can find,
Amusing things of every kind.

Cuckoos sing melodiously for you, with smile,
Only till you have something worthwhile.

Behold them, caress them as much as you like,
Fluffy flowers, flashing fireflies won’t give felicity for life.

Crafty butterflies hover around you,
As if they have intense longing for you.

Only those are able to see through these tricks,
Who have borne profound pain through thorn pricks.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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