Whistling sparrows

Singing mynas

Trembling rail tracks in distance

Close-to-zero traffic noise which seems not to bother

Sirens of train again

Callings of winter migratory birds again…


As the first Ansh of Sun enters my eyes, I realise-

I have ‘This’ inside me,

‘This’ has been inside me from the first moment that I got birth in this human form,

‘This’ will be with me till the last lifetime I am destined to spend in this cosmos.


People come and people go,

Little happiness and then sorrows,

Lost celestials searching for truth,

Anxious and fearful hearts- can anybody soothe?


Amidst all these-

‘This’ is eternal.

A small speck longing to meet the Creator!



There’s no Beloved,

There’s not even any Lover.


Hark Again!

‘THIS’ is all that there is.



Now I believe when mystics say-

“Love can take you to Liberation.”



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