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We should not create  what  is my life ,create the thought that what should be my life .life does not create thoughts . Thought crests our life . If we create negative thought in our home , negative vibration starts vibrating and effect the human being living in that home .
Create right thought while going to sleep , one wrong thought creates in night would continue in the morning and may come in dream and might be happened in real  in  a day time  by attracting  the same situation .
Therefore , while sleeping in night , say that I am a peaceful soul , I am accepting each one as they are , no conflict in mind and do mediation even for 10-20 minutes before sleeping .
Further adds that while taking food , if we create wrong thought, that food would not nourish us . While eating food , no TV or radio interference is there , television with food render negative thoughts . We should eat food with conscious mind  with positive energy . Food  takes the vibration of our emotions . We should not hurry while taking  food or thinking ,
how  to earn money and we forget the techniques how to be happy .If all money is put together it cannot bring happiness and emotional health , it can bring only wealth and material ( things ). We should try to get high energy food ( Satvik food ) . While cooking the food , no negative thinking should be there , prepare the food with clean emotional  vibration and love ❤️,

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