“Thoughts and thoughts alone are in front of us; our entire seeing is veiled by them.

“We have to turn from thoughts toward thoughtlessness. This change of direction is the revolution! How can it be done? First, we must know how thoughts are born, and only then can they be stopped from being born….

“Thoughts are very short-lived; no thought endures for long. A particular thought does not endure, but the thought process does. Thoughts die on their own one after another, but the flow of thoughts does not….

“Thoughts are not the problem, the birth of thoughts is the problem.

How they are born is the question. If we can stop their coming into being, if we can exercise thought birth control, then the thoughts that have already been born will disappear in a moment. Thoughts are dying out every second, but their total destruction does not happen because new thoughts keep springing up continuously….

“How is thought born? The conception and birth of a thought is the result of our reaction to the outside world. There is a world of events and objects outside and our reaction to this world is alone responsible for the birth of thoughts.

“I look at a flower. Looking is not thinking, and if I simply go on looking, no thought will arise. But as soon as we look at it we say, ‘It is a very beautiful flower,’ and a thought has been born. If on the other hand I merely look at the flower, I will experience its beauty, but no thought will be born. But as soon as we glimpse an experience, we begin to give it words.

“As soon as an experience is given words, thought has taken birth.

“This reaction, this habit of giving words to experience covers up the experience, the seeing, with thoughts. The experience is suppressed, the seeing is suppressed and only words are left floating in the mind. These words themselves are our thoughts. These thoughts are very short-lived so before one thought dies away, we transform another experience into thoughts. This process continues throughout our lifetimes, and we become so filled with words and so burdened under them that we lose ourselves in them. To drop the habit of giving words to our experiences is to eliminate the birth of thoughts….

“There will be such a great revolution in your life that it has no parallel.

Words get in the way and stop that revolution from taking place. The birth of thoughts becomes a barrier to that revolution.”