Where do thoughts come from? What is the origin of a thought? Do we really own any thought?


When I think that I thought of something, what threw light on that thought? Was the thought always there hiding in darkness or was the thought produced suddenly from within? 


Can I be creator of thoughts or will I always be users of inherited or usurped thoughts? Can a thought be universal or belonging to all? If so, what is that universal thought? 


When I am thinking, Am I rummaging or really thinking/ am I searching for a new thought? Will my search produce a new thought or will my search yield a new hidden thought?  


If origin of my every word and deeds lie in the thought, can I refine my thoughts? Can actions be really thoughtless? Or does my thoughtless action also have a thought behind it?


When I get interrupted in my thinking is that interruption deliberate? Is the random thoughts that jump at you truly random ? Or is that someone’s else’s thought to interrupt the thinking process? 


Does mind really hold thoughts as memories? Can I really empty mind of thoughts as per my choosing? Or that choice of choosing thoughts to retain is not with me?


If I am the container for thoughts where most thoughts fill up and empty themselves while certain thoughts stick to the sides and bottom, can I self clean? Or will I always need another to clean gently or scrape painfully those sticky thoughts and help me let them go?


Why are some thoughts nice and why are some thoughts dark and ominous? If I don’t choose what thought falls in my container who puts them there? What is the role of I for the thoughts? Am I responsible for thoughts sticking around in the container called mind? Is that the role of “I”?


If I empty myself completely, who am I?


I have no answers, I am just shaking my container a bit in hope of loosening and letting go some thoughts.. 

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