It’s strange but it is true while doing anything our mind starts working on it and eventually our thought process divides into many more thoughts and confuse our own decisions. 
What is right or wrong?   

It might happen with everyone and so with me. I sometimes even confuse about little things about what to do or not. 

We always want to make the right decisions, the best for ourselves, for family, friends and society. But in this, we think a lot and eventually our brain covered with so many thought that initially what we want to do its completely changes and we start with something else or new. No doubt sometimes it comes out the best decision of our lives as well. But what is it?

How we understand and how we able to know it’s the right decision or not. For this, we start taking advice from friends, family and nowadays ‘GOOGLE’. In the end, nothing clears but a more complex structure like solving a math equation in the brain 🤦‍♀️

It’s always advisable to use our mind to consider something carefully, pause sometimes as thinking always makes us frown. I divided this into two categories:-

The first one is and the most important to take any big decision of life. Like, a job change, Marriage, Commitments, or planning that change our life. For this, we should take time and discuss as much as we can.

The second category is the day-to-day life decisions for this we should take our stand whatever we think it’s right to do that only. We should run our thought process for shorter spam of time and run 😊 Because if it’s wrong we learn an own lesson and comes with a good experience of Life.

I know in lame language  it’s not easy we surround ourselves with so many thoughts that sometimes the right decision comes with wrong outcomes and we stop speaking about it. But trust me it’s more poisonous. Come forward take responsibility for your thought.

 But yes a little advice thinking is good but overthinking elevates your stress, reduces creativity, clouds your judgment and strips you of your power to make decisions.

P.S understanding, opportunity and resilience always be in mind to make your thought process work more effectively! 👍