Most of us don’t believe in the phenomena of rebirth, that’s perfect. This belief is very correct since nobody had witnessed rebirth. We take birth, grow up, and die. We have no memory or impression of before and after. Most religions talk about that we are in the circle. There is a rebirth, few religions also talk about the variance of rebirth like I die as a human come back as some other living being or I was something else(animal or plant or stone) in a previous birth. I had also not witnessed a rebirth.

Denial and Acceptance without knowing are not wise. It does not add value to us.
So either there is rebirth or not but We tend to take a side on things/thoughts which we don’t know. It’s very hard for us as humans to accept that we are not aware of something. It hits us…This acceptance of not knowing breaks something in us. It makes us weak(in our thoughts)… But if we look around nature shows most or everything is in a cycle…

The very rotation is of our own solar system is in a circle(or maybe some similar distinguished geometry ). Sun and Moon are in the cycle. An intrinsic beautiful mathematical cycle. The water cycle( Water- evaporation-cloud-rain-water). Full Circle. A plant leaf/flower/fruit..somehow reaches to mother earth back. Not fully but most of her part, another Full Circle. This also indicates there are various elements in everything(A complicated composition). We cannot be in denial of this endless repetitiveness. It’s all around us and shouting at us everywhere-everytime.

Everything around us shows a variance of repetitiveness
So what
So how does it matter to me…why should I be I bother to it. What value or fun(The current trending element in our species) this non-sense topic/theory has.

The fun element
So It has a fun element. From the day we landed on the planet there is endless desire to know more. Is it not my right to understand the system where I am a participant, where I am contributing, or more precisely I was pushed to participate in it without my permission.

When we are on the job or any other act, don’t we want to understand THE BIG PICTURE… So it’s our very RIGHT to know more…and we NEED to know more…keeping prejudice aside…

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