Hi, I am Tanu Yadav. I go by the artist name Taahira Kisna. I don’t do music as a full-time profession though. I have just done some shows/gigs around my city. 

I have been using Instagram for some 2 years to share my music, poems and stories about my journey. But Not Anymore!

So the story goes-

I have been always a very active and approachable kid in my school days, I used to participate in all the co-curricular activities be it dance, music, painting, drama… you just name it! And when it came to studies- I was always first in my class. I was the one getting a lot of silver and gold medals for National and International olympiads. Everyone in all the schools of my town knew me, it wouldn’t be exaggeration if I say that 90% of the people living in my town know me and have a fair idea about my family.

A lot of problems came with this limelight. The biggest one was- My age boys (sometimes even younger and older ones too) hovered around me all the time. A lot of them confessed their teenage love to me and I used to just laugh and shoo them away. Some of them used to get really hurt and tried to hurt me back by petty childish means. Then I moved to our nearby city in 11th standard to do IIT-JEE coaching (Yes! I cracked JEE-mains too). In the coaching institute, students of all kinds come from all over India to study. 

Maybe I have been ignorant or maybe I have a very filtered-memory-thing, that I don’t remember things that I don’t want to remember. I made many enemies (unintentionally). Boys, who never got a chance to be my boyfriends, longed for revenge. And Girls, who were never asked out by guys, grew more and more jealous and envious of me.

I never thought that these things would become so-big-of-a-thing someday!

What exactly is happening now-

 It started happening in Mid-2019, that I started getting anonymous e-mails. This person confessed all his love for me, in his 25-30 emails spread over 1 year. I didn’t reply back of course, thinking that he’s some creep who got my email from somewhere! This was nothing new to me.

He made different fake-Ids on Instagram, and started following me, all my friends and family. He used to send me message requests from different Ids and I used to just ignore it and delete it, hardly ever getting bothered. Over the span of 3 years, he collected all the data from social media, like who my friends are, who my family is, where I am from, which cafes I go to around my city, with whom I work etc. etc. 

4 days before he send long abusive, full of slangs and threatening messages to my Best Friend, asking him to stay away from me, otherwise he’ll cause harm to my best-friend’s sister. That same day, I and my best friend informed my family about it. My best-friend messaged him back to stop bothering us. Me and my best-friend, made both of our Instagram Ids private and removed all the people from our followers whom we didn’t know.

The same day, people from my work informed me about some person with a fake-id messaging them. This creep has more than 10 fake-ids. Next day, the creep messaged me on instagram telling that he is someone from my relatives and he knows all about the affair of mine going on, and he expressed his concern that I am not doing good with my family and blah blah!!! He messaged my brother also telling the same things.

It was getting too much as he was violating my privacy and threatening everyone around me. I reported his complaint on the Online-cyber crime website (mentioning suspects). I feel he might be someone from my coaching in 12th standard. 

Day before and Yesterday, me, my best friend and my brother sat at my home to trace him down. We got a lot of evidence, we even got the photo of the person who is doing this (No! I don’t know this person). After enough research and evidence, I messaged him back that I have reported him, and he has to stop doing this and reveal his identity.

He hasn’t messaged me since yesterday but he made another fake id and followed me and I’ve started getting fake calls on my contact number (Idk how he found it out).

I feel unsafe-

It’s been 4 days and I feel scared whenever I am stepping out of my home, I keep checking my vehicle’s mirrors to see if someone’s following me. My whole work is on pause. My peace of mind is disturbed. 

And it’s been 3 days but the cyber crime department hasn’t reverted back! My family is not recommending Police complaint, saying that even if he gets caught, he will get bail and the case will go to the court, and we’ll be stuck with this. 

I am considering leaving social media, but I really don’t want to stop putting out my music. I want to feel safe, I want to feel free, I want to be fearless. 

I am even scared of posting this post, as that creep might read it and get more power by seeing me vulnerable.

But this is my family right? And I want to share things with my os.me family. I want to at least feel safe here, with Swami and his children. I have faith in Sri Hari, I have faith in Swami that they will give me strength to fight this and overcome this trouble.

I have Faith. I have Faith. I have Faith.

PS- If anyone of you reading this know what shall I do, please help me!

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