Suvarna has been a very dear Friend ,from school times. She has even in school been a very wise,mature, good habbit, well read and extremely helpful friend. From the only one among friends to attend my out of station marriage to being the first one to reach hospital with halwa when i got my kids aswelll sending her office boy with money when my parents were alone at hospital for emergency angiography and i not in town ,the amount of unforgettable and kind deeds Suvarna has always done with me and my family are unforgettable. I have great respect and gratitude for her Kind attitude not only with me but each person who comes in contact with her. Both of us got married an year apart ,though from similar back ground from parents side to very promising and hard working men but our financial stability took atleast 6 years to be in basic necessity zone too where as she and her husband really did exceedingly great from the very beginning. In such times Suvarna ensured my daughter who still calls and considers her Suvarna Maasi( mother s sister so as loving as mother) gets choclate donuts or mac Donald happy meal or even some attractive dress at kids lilliput clothes wear. I could financially never do too much for Suvarna, rather once for a vehicle down payment to save ourselves from interest Suvarna s equally generous husband gave us a major( almost our annual income) as loan for which as a security i gave them all my jewelry, though they were very hesitant to take it but as my principle ,i gave them,just incase we were unable to pay them ! In one of our mac donald visit when spending 100 rs for a meal per week was what we could afford,Suvarna bought meal worth 300 rs for her maids, driver ,guard, when i saw her in amazement and in innocence commented too in awe
*300 rs ,*she said ,so what s the big deal this much we spend on baverages in one restaurant visit! I just kept quiet.On that year Diwali she sent me cashews through her driver, i called her and said what was the need? We can never give you gifts with our financial earnings to which she smiled not as decently and said this was in Gareeb quota( poor sponsoring fund) ! Her words pierced my heart and somewhere i doubted my character too! Why because of some happy meals was i selling my basic self respect! I never showed my displeasure to her but immideately started interacting less and less with her! Nature took its time ,and now with All mighty s krippa we r extremely comfortable monetarily but spending those 300 rs at Mac Donald always reminds me of the relationships ,and Financial status Truth! Do you remember any such incedent with a close relative or freind?

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