Today marks the three hundred sixteenth day in a row of meditation for me.

It is a great task to find the correct teachings on attainment and self-realization. Residing in the US for all twenty eight years of my life, and remaining ignorant of what truly matters for the first twenty seven years, has pushed me out of the boundaries of everyday life (school, work, money, society).

I have never truly found a path in life that made me feel passionate and joyful of what I was accomplishing. In my eyes, nothing in the material world could make me feel complete. Until I finally decided to dedicate time to the soul inside. Without Om Swami’s literary elegance and strong determination to separate the facts of proper meditation from the false information that society adds to the practice, I would still be just as ignorant as I always have been. From the depth of my soul I wish to thank you for giving me the guidance and proper knowledge, so, I may one day join the ranks of a self-realized being. I have no guru or teacher, but learning through the wise words of Om Swami has given me confidence in my ability to relinquish the ego and attain oneness with the Creator. In my mind, you, Om Swami, are my guru. I love you all and thank you for taking the time to read this. And, thank you for this community, which I am blessed to be apart of.