1. In the process of trying something new, it is very useful to take advice from experienced people. Be it home, office or student life, one doesn’t go very far alone.In the journey of your life, definitely take those people with you, who are already present on that path. On the journey of your life, definitely take those people with you who are already on that path, even if they haven’t survived, it is ok, the mistakes on that path have their own meaning. Learn from those mistakes so that they don’t happen again. There is a Chinese proverb, “To know how the way ahead is, ask those who have returned.”

2.When anxieties, rates, and sorrows become more, then annoyance starts increasing. Change bad habits and release stress, otherwise you’ll be pushed back. The anxiety is like a dark shadow. Good thinking, faith, and happiness can remove this darkness. Spend time with family and friends. Do what you like, do what makes you happy. A Walt Whitman saying goes, “Always keep your face at the light, the shadow will be behind”

3. Knowledge is needed in every walk of life. By gaining knowledge, we are able to take our decisions wisely. The learning process continues We have to keep updating ourselves and hone our skills. Our knowledge sets us apart from the crowd. Increase your learned knowledge everyday. That can lead you to success. Benjamin Franklin said, “Investing in knowledge pays the most interest.”

Be happy, be healthy and live freely.😊