What is Time?


Time passes through.

First came the dinosaurs then animals and now us.


Generation to generation,

But it never ends,


What is this Lord, What is this Time? What is this Universe?

Can you tell me what it is?


What is Life? Who are You and who am I?

Where is the end to Time?


I ask this standing under the vast sky in an open ground.


Does the Lord reply back?

Do the clouds part and does a message come out to me?


Or is this question just going to be a question?


The Lord says not as words but in thought.

“Time is nothing, it just goes on.

You can make what you want out of it.

Its nothing but what you want from it.


There is no answer, but ask me more.

You will find your path.

Looking around the world,

And you will find Me!”


PS: Naman recited this poem at a poetry club. Video of the same is at the below link. https://youtu.be/YPZO8ndC6EM

PPS: Feature Image Courtesy – his 2 year younger sister