Time heals all wounds,and I know this as I sit here remembering the past without a single tear shedding down my cheek.

My heart has not known sadness for months,nor do I feel numb. Instead these days I sing alone to my favourite songs and smile with my whole heart.

I watch my favourite TV shows, and I read.

I go out and have a good time and sometimes,when I look in hindsight at those dark dreary days when living through another minute felt u bearable,I feel grateful for the life I have been given.

I feel gratefull for the second Chance to do it all over again.

To live,to smile and to fall in love the way I was supposed to – with the right person and a future plan together which would allow us both to grow.

Time heals all wounds,and i know this as I look back at the years that streamed by as soft memories,and not the hard reality that I had to face.

I m no longer hurt, broken or numb or unsure about what I want.

In fact -I m okhy, I want to be happy, I want to live n I want to keep smiling as I have been.I want this life.

And I know this now more than ever as I sit here and think about how much I have yet to do, to achieve and to experience.

Time heals everything. And more I open my eyes,feel grateful for another day the more I realise that ” This is the absolute truth”

Khushboo 🙏

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