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Time management — om swami ji 1I have been perusing book after book and tips after tips to get the panacea to my time management issues. The idea of this article was seeded in my mind after a much fruitful conversation with my mentor, Respected Chantal Om Espitalier-Noel Ji. After watching this amazing video by Swami Ji (link provided), things are much clearer now. Without further ado, here is my condensed form of the video. 
Question: How to manage time effectively with all activities? It puts oneself in a stressful state and as a result, procrastination seeps in.  

Swami Ji talks about two paradigms, the ‘Urgent model’ versus the ‘Important model’. It is highlighted that everything is important, but not everything is urgent. The focus is on Urgent only. The key takeaways of the wisdom shared by Om Swami Ji can be summed up as follows:

  1. Discerning wisdom of what is urgent versus what is important.
  2. Wisdom and the courage to say no, whenever someone wants to hoard your time.Time management — om swami ji 2
  3. Persistence as there are no quick results. It takes years to see your dreams materialise. One has to keep chiselling and keep adding value. The example given by Swami Ji is His blog, where He would receive 20 views in one month. Persistence paid off, the blog is changing lives every day.
  4. Give your best, always! Never deter from involving yourself completely.
  5. One thing at a time. Complete that one task then moves to the other. This is mindfulness, to be present at the moment. 

∞Hari Om∞

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