Time is vast idea and has a wide scope to understand,it’s just not a number that you count by hours ,it’s the idea in which you gather experience and make your memories to live your life ,in this idea there are all kinds of tastes and tests which make it beautiful ,managing it requires it’s proper understanding and a bigger picture to look at. You cannot control it but you can walk with it ,why you wish and need to manage time because you have a lot things to handle in practicing daily life which makes it most urgent to manage , conceptually it just needs priorities to put in order so that elements which need urgent attention will be resolved soon so you won’t get stressed and it will enhance your confidence level to the maximum. Time has power to transform human life ,and make it most certainly joyful and happier. It has many variables to understand first is it runs in a cycle ,very few yogis are able to go beyond the perceptions of time which normal human beings have ,it requires tremendous amount of hard work and proper direction to reach up to that level ,the concept of days and nights which we have is just very superficial. The actual concept is much higher and deeper it’s mentioned in many Hindu scriptures.To realize that one needs to be continuously following guidance and doing hard work may for years or even may take a life time.