1. Time is something that creates a possibility for enormous research. It is something that we all are overwhelmed with. But still it is too difficult to reach out to. Either one talks about it in too ordinary terms or rejects it as something metaphysical or beyond understanding. What makes time such an entity that it is ordinary but still much beyond the grip of human mind. Let’s see how it operates at the level of body and mind, and then we see it working on several other levels. Bodies grow old with time and it is a process always in progress. Secondly one feels hungry or sleepy or gets influenced by similar kinds of biological phenomena at a particular time as one has assigned to oneself. 
    The above mentioned times are mechanical in a way but the way time works at the level of one’s mind is really interesting. It’s short in the times of happiness and so large in the process of waiting or when one is not enjoying it at all. There is a space for timelessness also. 
    So we see that time whether happening at the level of body or mind mostly goes unobserved. As a result when you experience a void of time (timelessness) and suddenly wake up to it, it goes away instantly.The point I wanna make here that time may form a great site of observation and one may meditate over it. Once you see the fabric of which time is made it begins to lose its grip and one begins to see the first visuals of freedom.