Time  by –  Bhai Veer Singh Ji  

          Real name Vir Singh

         Born on 5 December 1882


He was an Indian poet, scholar, and theologian of the Sikh revival movement, playing an important part in the renewal of Punjabi literary tradition. 

Rahi vaste katt,  samay nai meri ek na mani. 

Fadh fadh rahi tareek,  samey khiskai kanni. 

Keeve na saki roak, atak jo payi panni. 

Trikhe isde veeg,  gaya tapp banna banni. 

Ho aje sambhal es samey nu, kar safal udanda janda.

Eh Theiren  jaanch na jaanda lang gya na mudke aanda.

Explanation – 

             Bhai veer singh is saying that he requested the time to stop, it didn’t listen to him and passed. 

Whenever he tries to stop it, causes so many hurdles in it’s way. It broke the hurdles and went away. Flow of time is so sharp thatj it jumps over the wall.  Time never stops, it goes with its flow,  even if there is death of someone or any other work, time never stops .

Bhai veer singh ji says this is the opportunity ,  the moment, if  you miss it,  time will never come back.  He says be wise, use it wisely , it doesn’t stop for anyone. If it goes away it will never come back.

Translated by – luv sarpal