We live in the times when taste is far more important than nutritional value of the food..

We live in the times when noise is placed higher than peace..

We live in the times when materialistic possessions determine richness and the blissful soul has no place at all..

We live in the times when genuine + honest people are tabooed as stupid and those who are skilled in the art of befooling + betrayal are considered as the brainiest chaps.

We live in the times when most of us spend the entire day in exhibiting our (so called) best-self to others, and at the end of the day we find ourselves lonely, full of guilt..

We live in the times when good literature is ignored completely and ill-spirited stuff attracts us way more..

We live in the times when pure-hearted people are striving for basic survival needs and it’s one eighty degree are way above the luxury..

We live in the times when living in the sync of Mother Nature is old-fashioned and destructive + consumerist way of living is highly accepted..

We live in the times when mere professional actors are respected as heroes and celebrities (whose characters hardly inspire us for good moral values) but True Spiritual Figureheads have least fan-following.

We live in the times…

I can write such examples quite amply.

Isn’t it the right time to re-think, re-analyse the whole gimmick of this ‘Maya-Jaal’..

Shouldn’t we adopt a stern ‘New Year Resolution’ for turning this entire entourage around..

On this positive note of looking forward to a better future, atleast for the sake of coming generations, I urge each reader of this post to resolve mere one of such irregularities of human existence.

Though I am sure most of the readers have already been contributing enormously (I feel grateful thereof).

Good luck to each being, for the coming Gregarian year, 2022.. 🙂 

Jai Shree Hari.. 

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