Kids are a tough game to give medicine, specially they refuse or close their lips tight or throw up whatever medication we give them forcibly specially when they have flue or cold! But what happens if a child start loving the taste of the medicine? My brother in law is among most skeptical and detailed human beings i have met,infact my husband jokes if you need 1 word answers ask me and if you want 10 mark essay type answers ask him! If we have to attend a function in their area of residence we r so scared of his detailing to ask him the route to the venue that we ll attend the function and reach back home but he ll still keep telling us the route and all land marks! Once so happened when his son was 3 ,the little boy developed extreme cough, cold and fever too .His little cute nose was stuffy, itchy and red and among other antibioltics he was prescribed an anti cold syrup known as Timinic ! This is a transparent bottle bright orrange colour very attractive syrup and tastes almost like lemon ,sugar and soda mixed( i alway lick my kids medicine left over on the spoons i make then have medicine from) .While giving him his medication some door bell rang and the childs mom kept the bottle on bed side only to return and see it empty! On asking the feverish and drowsy child, he said he drank the tasty medicine fully ,to get better faster! At this my sister inlaw called her husband loud reading instructions on the bottle to keep away from kids and over dose may cause severe effects! The father of the child as usual came with his question air! How did he open bottle? How many ml were left in bottle? How many ml is a kid suppose to drink?Had you not screwed the cap of bottle properly? At this the kids mom screamed and said lets rush to hospital and get his stomach washed and i ll fill your Kbc quiz later! Some Divine grace and the local hospital gave the child a stomach wash and all became normal! Have you/ your kids ever taken over or wrong medication?