“Madam, wait! wait!” A security guard said loudly.

I turned around and saw him almost running towards me. Just a few minutes before I gave him a tip while coming out of the restaurant.

“Madam, by mistake you gave me 500 rupee note.” He said hesitantly.

He must have noticed that I was busy chatting with my mother and without looking at my wallet I took out a note from it and handed 500 rupees to him. Although I was full occupied talking with my mother about some business problem, even then I was sure that I was taking out the correct denomination note for him.

He opened the note, showed it to me and softly said again, “Madam, it is a 500 rupee note.”

“Today is my b’day! Please keep it.” I said and pondered over how it seemed that nobody had ever given him Rs. 500 as tip. Strange!

At that very moment, I realized why Swamiji emphasized so much on giving tips generously to waiters, security guards, and other staff members of hotels and restaurants.

Pic : In the evening, a kid wished me ‘Happy b’day’ with this handmade card- a priceless gift! 🙂