I am tired of all the trying

To fit into love’s hard puzzle

It has left me with nothing but crying

Singing in pain under this soft drizzle.


O lord! Will you have some mercy on this young heart?

A restful sleep would do it for a start.


Toiling and toiling is all that a human does

Some do for power, some for love

Please make me a beast in my next life my lord

This mankind- is all but kind- kills me slowly with a hidden sword.


PS- I wrote this poem some time back when I didn’t know about the kind community of os.me! The time when I was toiling and longing for at least one word of appreciation and acknowledgement from my loved ones. I lost all hopes and used to beg for sleep every night.

I am grateful to have found so many kind people here. I don’t know how to return the favour of so many kind and appreciating words that you all wrote in my last post. I think I am gonna write a poem for all my os.me family. See you all soon. Love you 🙂


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