1.  Don’t listen to your mind. Your mind just needs to be involved in the planning stage, once you have the blueprint, drop it. Drop your mind.

2. By that I mean Don’t think enough, just do it. If you start thinking then you’ll end up procastinating most often. E.g. you woke up at 6, then you had planned to do chanting or  workout but before getting up you started thinking “If I get up now, I’ll be done by….” Bam! it’s 6:15 and you are still in bed. 

You see you don’t need motivation everyday, you need discipline. And the hard work is for the initial 21-41 days. After that it becomes a habit.

3. As stated in the atomic habits, there are three layers to build good habits- Results, process and Idea. You need to work from the innermost layer i.e. Idea to improve your results. It works like; Suppose you want to become a reader so instead of worrying about the end result focus on the Idea and the process. The idea here will be “I am a reader” even if you have read 2 pages a day, create the Idea in your mind that you are the kind of person who likes to read books. Next comes the process, do not ever compromise on the process always follow it consistently, like read 10 pages everyday no matter what. If your Idea and process is in place, nothing can stop you from getting the results.

4. Workout regularly. I cannot stress this point enough. If you exercise regularly then it makes having discipline easier for you, it really helps to train your mind getting into a particular system.

5. Don’t spend a lot of time with people who are lazy and always down on energy. Because when you are getting into the habit of building discipline and creating new habits then the last thing you need is someone who pull you down. If your friends are not as ambitious as you or are always down on energy or are always complaining then try to make them understand first, if they don’t change, keep your distance from them. I have experienced it first hand that how a bad company can drain you completely out. You won’t even realise that you are becoming a different person.

Try to find more like- minded people. People who are high on energy, ambitious and strong willed. These people are gem and they will definitely help you grow. At the same time, try to avoid the “fake-kind”. These are the ones who will be very dedicated when it comes to achieving their goals but ones they achieve them, they won’t care about yours. I called them fake because a truely ambitious person will respect your goals as her own.

6. Frog eating really helps to get through the first few days. The rule of frog eating states that you should eat the ugliest frog first thing in the morning. Meaning, the thing you dred the most, in this case your new habit, do it first thing in the morning and get it over with.

7. Stick with it, follow it religiously. When you are focused on the Idea and the process instead of results then you don’t go back to being who you were. There are many people I know who lost a ton of weight or started a new skin care routine or scored good in exams but because they were focused on the end goal, they stopped up after achieving them. Result? They came back to where they started. 

8. Start with the tiniest thing. Because when you achieve it, it will boost your will power and then you can move to bigger goals. Don’t set high expectations from yourself right from the beginning it can lead to dissapointment. Pick up your smallest habit that you want to change or instill and start today, remember? Don’t think just do it.