To Achieve Success And To Keep Anxiety Away

While going for a walk I sometimes tend to put my thinking cap on, and I am deep in thoughts. My mind will race on many things, and I will try to calm it down by listening to some music, but I soon get agitated again by some other thought which would start worrying me. My worries are based on 2 categories.

1.     How will I reach my pinnacle of success?

2.      Some other anxieties which bother’s me from time to time.

My 1st goal  can only be achieved if I tell myself that I am prepared to work extremely hard and that there are absolutely no shortcuts at all. Is sleep important or is achieving something more important  in life?  Well one must decide that. One day we all will be asleep permanently and that day will surely come. Are we going to waste our entire precious lives by just wandering in life wherever life takes us? Then we might as well be in the open sea on a boat with no rudder.

When anxiety hits, I try my best to calm myself down and to reason with myself. I try doing deep breathing and it works. Or I shut my eyes and go and take a snooze and when I wake up, I feel better and do not feel that anxious. But this way of handling it is terrible because I cannot get used to going under the quilt and being there for some time. I do not literally mean hiding under a quilt. 😉

Having said that going under the blanket and by having the aircon on along with a lavender diffuser in my room really calms me dramatically. I immediately feel ALL IS WELL!

Talking about anxiety where do I begin? Well, if I were to list down all my fears, we would go all the way to the moon and back to earth. Just kidding. That is being way to dramatic.

I once got stuck in an elevator and that scared me so badly that I needed someone to escort me up and down daily. Now days thanks to my loving Mata JI for many years I go by myself, and I have conquered my fear. I cannot thank her enough for her love,  her compassion that she has showered upon me.  She took me to a hypnotherapist to help me get rid of my fear and with the grace of divine it helped me dramatically. Without her and without divine grace I would not be where I am today. I love her dearly and she means the whole world to me.

When we surrender and tell ourselves deeply and have firm faith that there is nothing to worry about, we will become extremely calm without hardly any fears at all. We have the power to make a change and only we can do it. A horse can be brought to drink some water but if the horse refuses to drink then unfortunately it will not live.            

I am not a professional writer by any means. So, if my writing is not at par like how the other’s have written then please kindly bear with me. 😊