I believe in reincarnation, and so I believe in the journey of my soul. I think goodness must be kindled for its progress. To be reincarnated is divine and just. It is the way. (Moksha seems far away. I look within from time to time and know that one day a plunge into the beyond will happen, whether in this lifetime or some other. But that’s probably another story for another time.)

I wrote about resilience yesterday and when I think about reincarnation today, I realise the two are so intertwined.

Being reincarnated is an outcome of my soul’s struggle in this lifetime to reinvigorate itself in another by introspecting the wrongs committed, amidst this perennial battle within between good and evil. Resilience is so much a part of that seeking for a better life. It better be if I am not to be doomed.

I find it exhilarating, this word called reincarnation. Even joyous.

Because I love the new and shiny – be it books, clothes, gadgets and such. Joy eats suspense when the glossy is ripped to reveal the novelty within. The old and the worn and the useless is boring, so dead, so yesterday. I yearn for freshness, to be sprightly, to be a child again. Oh yes, to be born again.

Reincarnation is beatific. Because reincarnation is a divine filter, a supernatural sieve that purges the dirt from our being for us to lead a cleaner upcoming life, and there is clarity of meaning. I want to know what I truly am and that is but a part of the quest to head to a higher level. It is a beautiful quest, this thirst for purpose. It is unseen and quite unbelievable.

A plant may be consumed by fire but then there is every possibility that from the ashes and from the cinders may arise a stalk of new life to verily bloom again. Reincarnation is incomprehensible but yet it remains a form of renewal and purification. I would not dare to dismiss it, even if I had a choice.

For me, I am all for being reincarnated again and again until…

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