How is it that no one sees the answers to the world’s greatest problems? Racism, Hate, War, Pollution. 

I believe the answer is in love. 

 Let’s start with understanding that we are human, and stop using ethnic background, color, etc. We are all being segregated, divided in our lives in so many ways within society by the color of skin, social status, religion, politics, gender, language. Understanding when people are excluded from anything no matter what, they then feel like an outcast, alone, unimportant but in all reality everyone wants to be wanted, needed, and to have a purpose and be a part of something unique. Well the truth is everyone is a part of this wonderful world God has given everyone to be a part of. So stop leaving people out of the greatest thing ever, Life… Love one another, help a stranger when you know they are in need. When people start loving one another with unconditional love and that everyone is so deserving of it, cause that’s how God loves all his children, then and only then will people begin to start seeing what truly needs changing in the world.