Blog- How to deal with insecurity?
Insecurity means :
uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence, or lack of protection in danger state .
We are living on daily basis as if we think that we are here for ever, but there is insecurity in our life , nothing to loose or nothing to gain in this life , we came here with nothing.
Life is insecure , we will die one day whether we are healthy or not, does not matter at all . We are living in real world , in the real world , we come and go .so many countless person had gone before us .
We would become top soil one day . Though We are trying our best of bests in our life to earn money but God will not allow to carry container with us at the time of exit .
It is very important to shine in our life like a Sun but we have to burn ourselves before shining ( means doing very hard work ) .If we bring compassion , humility , generosity or helping to unfortunate human being , there will be no insecurity in our life and we may live with peace and happiness

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