I have always been fascinated by idioms and phrases as I started learning them in my early years and tried to use them during writing and communicating with others. They seemed inspirational and motivated me to behave in a certain manner. They added power to my creative expression and I looked for opportunities to add to the list of idioms that I knew.

As I grew up I realized they had their merit as whenever I found myself at crossroads where I needed to make a value-based decision they helped me to decide what I should do… making me believe that…” Nothing is Impossible, Honesty is the Best Policy,  A Stitch in Time saves Nine and so on…” I even went to the extent of noting down the quotes I liked and sharing the ideas with like-minded friends.

The values that I hold dear are somewhere inspired by these and in this writing, I will emphasize the power of forgiveness. We are all human and in this existence which involves interacting and socializing with many people, we set standards of our own behaviour and set expectations from others. In relationships, we learn to give, share, and often go beyond our means for the sake of others as that gives us a sense of gratification. We claim that we do not want anything in return but in life, this is not possible. As friendships deepen  we realize that acts of others sometimes upset and disappoint us as we did not expect it from them. We start expecting more and more from others and sometimes our behaviour, in turn, may have a negative effect too. We realize that we are erring and making mistakes leading to misunderstandings. We realise that no one is perfect and to err is human.

There are numerous experiences in each of our lives that we have felt let down and wronged by people and this strains our relationship. We are deeply hurt and often just want to break our bond with them. We may drift away from our valued family and friends as we feel cheated and wronged but such an extreme step causes us pain and anguish. It is at such moments that we need to think am I perfect, have I not wronged others, and is it not better to try and build a bridge to connect again rather than disconnect and feel the bitterness and pain of separation. We need to be a little large-hearted and try to understand the reason for being wronged and then see if we can move on forgive and forget.

Forgiveness is indeed divine…it has with it a lot of positivity…reassuring us that things can be sorted out…love and understanding can conquer mistakes and show us the path of love and care.