We don’t know how much and vast is your greatness, we can’t fathom the depth of your greatness, without thee we are nothing,we are all helpless creatures seeking your blessings, so why should we think of other’s when you are always by our side.
Constantly repeating your name we live, difficult to utter the same but how can thee be forgotten, Lord never dies and he continues to give his blessings every minute… you never know when he is going to give you his blessings so always be aware and thankful and bow your head before HIM.
Unfortunate are those who tend to forget you, why should be think of other means of livelihood when YOU are with us. No one supports anyone, to thy vastness there is no limit or bound, all creatures are yours .
Those who remember you need not fear as all are thine and all meditate on thee.Beside thee there can be no one else, no other second….in our life. You are the First and Foremost who we bow our heads in gratitude and thankfulness Lord.

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