Love! The word around which everything revolves… isn’t it?

The ultimate pinnacle of knowing love completely, is in itself a complicated situation in the era we live today.

I’m not going to suggest what you need to, or should not do, as this is an individual experience and is a whole new world in itself. Instead, I have a thought to share…

When you start loving everything as it is, without changing anything outside, aren’t you experiencing love? 

There was a beautiful lesson I learned while being seated in the balcony, dejected with the kind of love I was getting in return of the kind of love I expressed. Well, common story of disappointment 🙂.

I kept thinking hard and all of a sudden I stopped thinking about it and just sat there without entertaining any thoughts, only to play a movie of my emotional state.

Opposite to the park there was an interesting activity happening and I started observing it just as is. This activity was a traffic jam! Yes, a horrible traffic jam where everyone was angry and honking and the rest you can imagine. During all this chaos, I observed the traffic light. Without being under any kind of pressure, it just did what it is supposed to— display the color and let humans understand.

When the lights turned green there was chaos, while they were red, there was some more chaos and when the lights were yellow, there was chaos of another kind. Everyone is always in a hurry…

When I shifted my focus to being solely on the lights and the color,  my experience was different. When I observed the chaos, the experience was different.

That very thought gave me a light, that the green, red and yellow ( life, death and survival), they will just keep doing their task without even worrying about you. You have a choice, yes a choice to either focus on chaos or the beauty of your being. Loving the best of yourself and expressing love to everyone is a choice. Irrespective of your life, death, or your survival, all you need is to just accept the outside world and your inner universe the way it is, and just focus on something you love..

Love! A complicated emotion when not understood 🙂