To Maa Sharda And Shri Ramakrishna

She sat below the vigraha
With open locks of grey hair;
Her eyes serene, her lips soft
And Truth radiating bare.
Her simple sari sending waves
Of Love across the world;
You touch her feet, she blesses you
With tender hands, bangles curled.

Little vermillion on her forehead 
And a bindi concealing her third eye,
A grace of tranquil and a cloud of love,
Maa, never say, ‘Goodbye!’
I look at Kali, I look at you
And Parvati beside Mahadeva-
You carry shakti on your shoulders 
Like Hanumana’s eternal Rama!

Dear, I know that it hurts you
When you take up their karma,
‘Cuz her lovely pallu is clutched
By children crying, “Maa! Maa! Maa!”
You fed your kids with food and mantra
Like a creeper clutching a casuarina.
I offer my million obeisance
To Maa Sharda and Shri Ramakrishna!
Om. Om. Om.


p.s.-  Sorry for the blurry image.

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