Dear All,

While I was surfing the net today, I came across an article that touched the core of my heart, and couldn’t wait to share it with you all. I am reproducing it here as it is-

Over time, masculine and feminine energies have been depicted in slightly distorted ways. There has been a general misconception that one is better than the other. More specifically masculine energy has been considered superior, more powerful, more desirable. This misconception even went so far that kings and men of power would kill their offspring in some cultures if they happened to be girls. This happened because, in the early days of humanity, people needed brute force to survive. Men needed to be able to hunt and kill, and for that, they needed strong bodies.

Of course, women can be strong as well, but a woman’s biology involves menstruation, pregnancy, and other moments when women’s bodies need rest and replenishment. This mainly means that women could not go hunting or fighting battles. However, women always had other powers, or other qualities, which made their role more than vital in the evolution of humanity. Without women’s so-called weaknesses, such as menstruation and pregnancy, people couldn’t have procreated, and therefore they would have disappeared as species.

A quote that I love says:

“a woman’s body is the only force in the world capable of transporting souls from the unseen world into the physical world. Yet, you think the woman is weak”.

I believe this quote beautifully emphasizes how powerful femininity is, even though its power is not expressed through brute force, but through a more subtle, yet life-creating force. So, yes, while men were out hunting or later on conquering the world, women were home, raising their babies. Yet, women were raising the future explorers, inventors or geniuses, or future mothers that will contribute towards the expansion of the human race. If you’ve been stuck in a house with a small child for a few hours, you know how much patience and energy it requires to look after him or her. Imagine that in the past women were looking after 6, 7, or even more children. Women were always far from weak, and femininity was always far from dark or undesirable. They were always the force in the background, that was making things happening and without them, men wouldn’t have accomplished much. 1

Hope you all are as much inspired as I was after reading this heart-touching article. With that said I was thinking if we could create a separate section specially dedicated to Women specific issues and problems under the OS.ME umbrella. Something like “Women Health Corner or “Women Health Library” where all the articles written by different writers in regards to women-specific issues like abuse, mensuration related issues, Depression, Rape, Domestic violence and so many ( I don’t want to think further to list out so as not to trigger my negative feelings); are stored/tagged together and the solutions suggested by the various experts in this forum can be clubbed together. So, when a reader enters this area, he/she doesn’t have to look any further and jump directly to action. Sometimes just reading other’s experiences consoles you and gives you the strength to move forward. Many a time we don’t even know that there is help available in a particular area and that we need to seek professional help.

I will try to jot down the situations where this thought came from. Many a time we know the symptoms and issues that we are facing but cannot really put a Nametag on them. And unless we use the proper terminology, any Search Engine is useless. For example, there were articles on PMDD, PCOD, Emotional Abuse, Masculine and Feminine Energies, Empath, etc. These are some Words that I came across for the first time and since they were relevant to me and helped me, I saved them in my favorites. But there might be many more which I have missed or couldn’t find since it’s like fishing without a bait among this sea of articles and sometimes you just get lucky. Unless I am following that person or reading each and every article every day, it is difficult to find the article that might help me at that particular time.  If all these articles were stored under one common Header/ section, it would help all and save time.

Let’s all share our opinions and maybe we could come up with a product that will help all the women out there who are not able to speak up or bare themselves; for is all about Finding Hope and not Searching for Hope. A One-Stop Solution for all women-related issues, Since one person cannot be an expert in all subjects but one forum can cover all subjects.

Thank you for your Patience.



Image Credits: Melissa Askew on Unsplash