To the Man,

To the man who is sensitive but is able to act impervious.

To the man who is super emotional but can definitely act old.

To the man who is caring but who hides caring behind the back.

To the man who is extremely soft but is disguised into something really Harsh.

To the man who is as hard as a diamond but at the same time soft silk, Bhoot outshines in some or other way.

To the man who protects like a father, who cares like a brother, moral lines like a Guru and who respect like a gentleman.

Here is to you,

You deserve to be respected,
You deserve to be looked after,
You deserve that wings to fly,
You deserve to fly althrough,
You carry burdens of responsibilities on your shoulders.

I know being man must be quite a scary as it is difficult to live up to the social expectations of being manly, but don’t let that ever bury you into the grave of bitterness.

I have seen your journey from being a boy to turning into what you are today -A Man.

But, don’t forget that you are human and you are deserve to be emotional…!

never give up give up on being a man of love, a man of hope ,a man of ambition and definitely a man of value.

I have seen your tears which you are freeze in front of crowd, I have seen your care despite of your not -care attitude.

I have seen how you try out different things to see your mother happy.

I have seen how you try to take some responsibilities in order to see your father stress free.

I have seen your protect nature for your sisters.
I have seen your dark side and emotional side as well.

I have seen your days of struggle so you could build an Empire for your better half.

Trust Me….

you deserve much and more than whatever this society has to offer.
You deserve all the love.
You deserve all the care.
You deserve all the respect…
And so much more accept the fake feminism, unjustifiable hate and illogical expectations.

You are pillar to the world build on fragile logics.
You are diamond which really breaks but most specifically, whitch outshines.



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