[ poem written on occasion of Swamiji’s Birthday by my daughter, Siddhani ]

We all feel blessed, with who Sri Hari has send
Your hand on someone, and their worries bend..

You are a MAA to those, who yearn to have one
And a Guide to those, who desperately need one..

You are my Mother, you are my Guide
You are always by my side..

It is a Blessing, that we all know You
And a Delight to those, who happen to meet You..

Sri Hari helped God’s to have the Nectar
And You help us, with what we need to factor..

My gratitude to my Guru, my Only One
You hear my prayers, my Omnipresent Sun..

It is Your Birthday, so how do I sum
Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday, and Love You a ton..

May Mother Divine Bless You,
My Only One..
May Mother Divine Bless You,
My Only One..

Sri Hari Bhagwan ki Jai!! Jai Ambe Hare!!